Chicago Immigration Rally exceeds 600,000!


They just announced that the people marching today for Immigration reform in Chicago have exceeded 600,000!! We are making history in Chicago!! I just took this picture of the people arriving, and that isn’t even the larger group of people who should be arriving to Grant Park in ~10 minutes! I’ll be posting more pictures as more people arrive!

10 thoughts on “Chicago Immigration Rally exceeds 600,000!”

  1. 600,000!!!!

    Good Lord. They’re more of them than we thought. Better get more buses ready for the trip to Mexico!!!

  2. thats nothing! wait until you see how many come to watch me play… hahaha.
    wow, it seems a very big deal.

  3. C. Rose you aint nothing , latinos is what makes this country what it is, 1 day you’re going to need something from them and then what? your ass might just get killed

    “yeah my fathers did cross a river, BUT UR ANCESTORS CROSSED THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!!, Now WhaT!!!!!!!!!!??”

  4. Only 600.000

    Remember San Fermin

    I´m sure that there were more than 1 billion

    ¿How are you, Pablo?

    Please send me your e-mail because I have an invitation for you and your parents.

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