South of the border

Tomorrow I will be heading out on another trip, this time going south
of the border to Mexico. Specifically the province of Durango. This
trip will be very different than others as I am going as part of the
Youth Technology Corps. This will be YTC’s 6th trip to Mexico and my
first. The group consists of 20 Chicago public school kids (many of
whom refurbished the computers we are donating) and ten adults. The 100
computers that we are donating have already been shipped and are
waiting for us in the city of Durango! To those of you who donated to
this cause in the past (hardware or otherwise) many thanks! I very much look
forward to this trip although I feel totally unprepared! I don’t really
know what the Internet situation is going to be like while I’m there,
but I’ll do my best (as always) to keep blogging!

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