Storm front

As I was driving to my parent’s house last night, I noticed that Lake Michigan was unusually calm. This seemed a bit odd as there was a major storm on its way. I felt an impulse to find a spot to watch the lake and view the impending storm. As I was almost in Evanston, I decided to pay “the rocks” a visit. It had been a while. To my surprise, the campus has changed a great deal since my last visit. It seemed as though my quest had been thwarted by some fencing that was put up, but I managed to find a way around. I couldn’t tell if the rocks themselves had actually changed, but something seemed different. Perhaps it was the bushes that had slowly encroached upon them – or more likely, time encroaching on my memory. I finally found my rock. Though it no longer holds the meaning it once did, the faded paint always seems to have a message for me. 9/96 – it has now been over eleven years. How time has passed. I sat down and took in the scene. The lake was smooth as glass – yet the winds were blasting the air bringing the storm closer. It seemed such a strange juxtaposition; tranquility surrounded by chaos. But the lake didn’t seem to mind. As the clouds approached, the setting sun illuminated them with the most incredible colors. My digital camera was not at hand – cell phone to the rescue. I knew it couldn’t possibly capture the colors, but at least it gives an idea. At one point part of a rainbow emerged – I couldn’t help but to smile. The storm front seemed to miss Evanston by about half a mile, for everything south of where I was covered in dark clouds. At one point the city vanished as the storm engulfed it, lightning illuminating the clouds in the distance. I had not intended on staying as long as I did – but it was quite the spectacle. As I watched the clouds thunder by, it brought me back to my childhood; watching the storms roll by from the top of the hill in Dixon, with nothing more on my mind but the shapes of the clouds and the distance of the thunder. After some time, I walked back to the car feeling refreshed and invigorated. It seems as though I need to follow those impulses more often!

3 thoughts on “Storm front”

  1. Truly. I love doing stuff like that here as well. I need to get out on more walks – there’s just so much to take in here.

    And I miss the rocks. But I don’t think going back would do it for me. I miss what they were back then, not what they are. But getting lost in the past like that is fun.

    Unless, of course, we stayed up all night and went to watch the sunrise, and your mom sold the Celebrity. In that case, it would be JUST like it was. 🙂

  2. The rocks were always a place I could go to get away, and they still are today! The funny part is, when I go – I think more about the present and future, even though the place is filled with memories of the past.

  3. Any place that evokes a sense of calm amongst a storm has to be valued, nevermind how it stimulates the mind, memories are precious and never something to frown upon, they can be our “rock”- the things that help us weather the storms in life. To have a place of special meaning that changes along with you is even more unique.
    Nature can be a cheap therapy, dear Pablo.

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